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    This started out as a one year project: 365 Days of Kendall ~ before I was a Photographer. Little did I know, I'd get so frustrated when shots didn't come out how I wanted & I'd begin researching photography online. This project has a special place in my heart. Not only does it allow me to get all nostalgic over our K-Bug, but you can see the transformation from my momtog days to a full out photography career! I'm sure this site will change as our family grows! I hope this site is a resource for some of my favorite mommyhood tips & ideas, inspirational lifestyle photography, & a place to get to know us a little better!

    xox Marie

::captured:: 11.05.11

1 Sucking on Chin 1024x682 ::captured:: 11.05.11

1/30 f/1.8 3200iso 50mm

happy birthday to me! daddy took this photo of us. november 5th is my birthday & this picture will be a treasure for my lifetime. we are both scorpios. i promise that i won’t make you share birthday parties with me. i want to spoil you on your own day. grandma, grandpa, aunt amanda, & uncle rodger came over to see us. you stayed home with grandma while the rest of us went out for dinner. love, mama

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::captured:: 10.31.11

1 First Picture 300x225 ::captured:: 10.31.11

captured via blackberry

welcome to the world, baby girl! 6’7oz 19 1/4 in long. during my entire pregnancy i prayed for a c-section (call me crazy), because i was terrified of labor. i also kept saying i wanted to have you for halloween so i could dress you up. i went in for my routine check up on halloween day and was sent to the hospital for an ultrasound. we discovered that your cord was wrapped around your neck not once, not twice, not three time, but four times! so, we did a c-section (yesss!!) and you arrived at 10:36 halloween night. it was too late to dress you up, but you are the cutest little pumpkin i’ve ever seen! you even waved hello for your first picture. this night and the following few first days with you were the best days of my existence. love you, mama.

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::dear kendall::

i have been writing you letters & putting them in your memory book since long before you were born. i have also been taking one photo of you each day since you were born – my 365 days of kendall project. today i decided that i would jump into blogging. i know some of our friends & family would really like to watch you grow & i think this is a great way to share. i wasn’t sure i liked the idea of sharing photos on the internet, but today i decided to just do it. if you become famous or one of your boyfriends finds this blog, i promise there won’t be anything too embarrassing. i think it would take a really long time to post all of the pictures so far (and besides, i will be making this project into a book), so i will just add a bunch of my favorites.

you will be 7 months old in just two short days. i felt the sharp little poke of your first tooth yesterday!!

love, mama


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