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Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levi’s Birth Story Pt I 09.03.13

If I’m stuck in the hospital, I might as well document the story. Just like my pregnancy with Kendall, this pregnancy has been a breeze. Early on, there was some concern about 3 white spots they found on Levi’s liver – they called them calcifications – & I was told I had Placenta Previa. I was monitored a little extra, but from 22 weeks til 33, I had no extra ultrasounds or tests. Everything has been perfect.

About 4 a.m. on Sunday, August 25th, I discovered I was bleeding. It wasn’t a huge, gush of blood, but enough to freak me the heck out & David & I drove to the nearest hospital with a NICU – about 40 minutes from our house. Fortunately, I photographed a wedding the day before with David & my parents had Kendall. The bright red blood had already started to turn brown by the time we arrived, which means it had stopped. The hospital kept me for a day and a half just in case.

One week later, Sunday, September 1st, I was sitting in bed going through my photos from the session the night before. I got up to use the bathroom & when I stood up more blood poured out of me. Again, not a giant gush. We’re not talking spotting here, it was still a puddle & I’ve been warned that a gush of blood could happen at any time, which is obviously life threatening to both myself & Levi. I was home alone with Kendall, but luckily David was just 20 minutes away and able to get home quickly to take me to the hospital.

This time, we drove an hour to the actual hospital that my OB/GYN works out of. They admitted me without hesitation being the second bleed at 34 weeks and 1 day along. Being a holiday weekend, I wouldn’t see the high risk doctor or my doctor until Tuesday. At this point, I look at it like a mini vacation — when do I ever get to have some “me time?” Watch movies, veg out, have someone bring me food & clean up, & work on editing & other business things without interruption? And with Levi on his way, it will be awhile before I see much “me time” at home.

Tuesday came & the doctors inform me this will be a bit of an extended vacation…. until Levi arrives between 36-37 weeks gestation. They did two ultrasounds yesterday & can see the spot they think I may have bled from & a little separation. I still have Placenta Previa (complete), but fortunately it is not growing into my uterine wall as it sometimes can. Thank goodness for that! Levi looks healthy & strong.

I’ve been expecting an awesome C-Section like I had with Kendall – with my little scar being so low you would never know it’s there… unless you’re Daveicon wink Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levis Birth Story Pt I 09.03.13I’m one of those people that have never felt the desire to experience labor & delivery. It scares me to be quite honest! Since I had a previous C-Section, I had the choice of a VBAC or C-Section & without hesitation chose the C-Section (now with the Previa, I have to have a C-Section for sure). No labor, no pain except for the first few days after, no tearing of my who-ha, but this C-Section will be different. I have to be cut a bit higher to avoid my placenta being cut into. I am so not looking forward to being cut into literally the middle of my abdomen and having two scars!

Today will be my third full day of hospital life. I’ve been working away on my laptop, relaxing, & it’s been going by quick. My mom has brought Kendall up to see me each day. Yesterday, they brought me a yellow, smily face balloon, we watched a little bit of Brave, & shared an orange sherbet – which she got all over my sheets. My dad visited me last night. I told Dave to skip yesterday’s visit. The poor guy is going to be so busy. Aside from working, he is trying to change out the ball joints & wheel bearings on the truck & it’s giving him a hard time. He’s also keeping up with the house (lawn, etc.) and working on the nursery for me (painting, etc.). We are not ready at all for this baby- for what I was hoping for anyway. We have all the necessities, but I have been looking forward to having a gorgeous nursery (duh, I’m a photographer!) & we haven’t even started. We have a crib & dresser, but need to get the mattress & sheets, paint on the walls, & I had a zillion decorating ideas that I wanted to have done before his arrival including a DIY sign to hang in his room saying ‘dream’ I’ve been dying to make. But, if that is the biggest problem, I’ll take it. I know in the big scheme of things, a perfect nursery is kind of silly.

So here we go, another 10-14 days of being in the hospital before Levi’s arrival is in our future. Can’t wait to meet him! And at least someone is having some fun while visiting….


DSC 0469web Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levis Birth Story Pt I 09.03.13


from our first hospital visit:


photo 3web Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levis Birth Story Pt I 09.03.13

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