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Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levi’s Birth Story Part 2

Wednesday night, we were pretty frustrated, confused, nervous, & excited all at once. In three quick days, in my 34th week, we were told we would meet Levi by the 36th week, then 36-37 weeks, then 37-38 weeks, then on Friday (yeah, as in two days of being told this!).

I woke up Wednesday morning being told the other high risk doctor on staff here wanted to take a closer look at my placenta via another ultrasound (my fourth in less than a week). I had never met her and didn’t know why she was even looking at my file, but I rolled with it. And it’s a good thing, because she saw something the other doctor did not.

As I mentioned before, I have Placenta Previa. Having my second bleed put me in the hospital. Wednesday’s ultrasound revealed that I also may have Placenta Accreta. If you click the link, you can find more details about this, but basically, my placenta has grown into my uterine wall. They are one. This is possibly due to scaring from my last C-Section.

When the doctor asked me if I wanted any more kids… I knew what that meant. It’s too dangerous to try to separate the placenta & uterus in case of bleeding. A hysterectomy is necessary. My head was spinning, she kept talking, and all I heard were all these scary words: urologist, radiologist, bladder damage, bleeding, blood transfusion with the words “NO MORE BABIES” flashing in my head.

Instead of jumping into anything, she decided to send me for an MRI the next day to confirm the accreta. I was down doing my MRI for about 2 hours & the waiting until the doctor came to tell me the results was the longest wait of my life. The Placenta Accreta was confirmed. It is hard to tell if the growth has moved past my uterus & onto my bladder, but Lord I hope not.

The current plan is to deliver Wednesday, September 11th (I know… of all dates in September!). I will have an entourage of specialists in there. There will be my usual OB/GYN performing most of the surgery, a Urologist in case there of bladder damage, a Radiologist with balloons & dye (they lost me here) to centralize blood flow & help prevent hemorrhaging, 4 bags of blood just in case I need a transfusion, & the NICU nurses in case Levi needs them (they are present during any C-Section). I asked if, while we are at it, a plastic surgeon could be present to perform a tummy tuck after this & they said no. I was kidding, but considering I already have one scar & my doctor believes she will have to make another incision near upper abdomen in the shape of a T, I’m going to look like I have a capital I on my stomach. Awesome.

I don’t feel anything, I feel 100% fine, but thank goodness I had a couple of bleeds to bring me to the hospital! I’m so thankful this was caught now — could you imagine how scary it could get if they hadn’t seen this until they were in there? No specialists would be present & it could be a dangerous situation. I will start with a spinal & likely be put fully under once Levi is out.

Question of the Day: How do you feel about all of this?!

Thank you for caring, first of all, to all of you readers with your kind words & messages. My thoughts: I feel in my heart that Levi being born at 35 weeks is no big deal. I have no doubts he will come out healthy. I’m scared of bleeding to death while in surgery. I’m comforted knowing there will be so many specialists with a plan present during this surgery.

It’s true, I wanted 4 children. Dave would love more children, but has always said ‘only if we can afford it.’ So we had talked about meeting in the middle with 3. I’ve especially dreamed of another little girl after Levi, because I’m obsessing over the name Nila (Nee-la). Both of my pregnancies have been a dream & I’ve loved it. I didn’t experience the sickness or crazy tiredness some have. I felt fine after my first C-Section within 2 weeks. So to say I’m totally cool with not having more kids would be a lie. To say I’m thankful to have two healthy children, a girl AND a boy, and leave it at that would be a little bit of a lie too. When I get that baby fever next year when Levi is grown a little, it’s going to stink to know I can’t have another child rather than to have the option to choose not to have another child.

But the bigger portion of my heart will love on my children a little more & WILL be thankful for them knowing some women out there can’t even have one. And… I’m totally looking forward to not going through menopause, not worrying about birth control, & no more annual exams, maxi pads, or tampons! Win!

Here’s how I’ve been passing my time…

Working nonstop between visitors on editing for clients & getting Kendall’s World up to date.

2013 09 07 0003 Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levis Birth Story Part 2

Wishing I would have had a pedicure before coming in here… yikes… & loving these things that feel like a massage on my calves:

2013 09 07 0002 Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levis Birth Story Part 2

2013 09 07 0004 Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levis Birth Story Part 2

^^ um yeah, I said ABSOLUTELY NOT to that thing!!

Here he is in 3Dicon smile Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levis Birth Story Part 2

2013 09 07 0007 Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levis Birth Story Part 2

Twice a day NSTs… lookin’ good, Levi!

2013 09 07 0005 Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levis Birth Story Part 2

On Sunday, when I started bleeding again, I knew I needed to pack. The first three things I grabbed for the hospital were my camera, laptop, & this cute little hat & plain onesie. These are the things you think of when you are a photographer. Anything else could be brought up by Dave latericon wink Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levis Birth Story Part 2

2013 09 07 0006 Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Levis Birth Story Part 2


Karlyn Dillard - September 7, 2013 - 10:37 am

Marie….. Sending prayers to you & your family. Sounds like you are in good hands. You have such a positive attitude and wonderful family support. God Bless!

Melissa Pointer - September 7, 2013 - 7:40 pm

Keeping you all in my prayers!

Donna bailey - September 15, 2013 - 7:47 am

I am praying for you and your little guy . I had my daughter at 35 weeks but she was 3 lb 13 oz and 17 &1/2 inches long it took her a week to get up to 5 pounds I can’t carry a baby full term my second kid witch was my son he was 32 weeks early and had to stay in the nice for 15 days he w aight the same as his sister but just couldn’t gain the w aight as wick as his sister but they are doing great now and my oldest is turning 18 in the end of the mouth and my son will be 17 in Dec they grow so quick so take as many pic’s and video as you can while they are little because be for you know it they will be grown. I miss it so much that I want my tubes undue but like I said I can’t carry full trek so I have someone who is going to carry my baby for me and when she is held we are going fort another and the I am done. I had my first two when I was 17 & 18 so I am ready to try agin. But I will be praying for you and your little guy

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