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Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | 09.20.13

So my biggest challenge this week has been my emotions. I have physically been feeling better each day, but emotionally, all of these changes that have hit our little family within the last few weeks have finally sunk in. I could cry over spilled milk. It’s insane. I don’t feel depressed or anything – just extremely nostalgic & sad by how quickly time is passing. I really don’t want Dave to go back to work on Monday. This week is his vacation time pretty much until next year (although he’ll have time off at Christmas when the shop is closed) & it’s already almost over. Levi is already over a week old & he’s my last baby. I just want time to sloooow down so I can really feel like I’m enjoying this precious time — and not worry about work and my to-do list that was suddenly stopped by being admitted to the hospital.

Today was another day at home. Kendall still isn’t real sure about Levi, but likes to peek into the pack ‘n play (we have him sleeping in our room til I feel strong enough to go upstairs to his room every couple of hours in the night). I think she likes him for the most part… just a little jealous when I have to take care of him. Then it’s, “see me, see me,” she says.


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