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Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | 09.14.13

Although Levi was able to come to my room yesterday, last night he was gone for quite awhile in the night to do his carseat test. Apparently, when you have a premie, they have to pass this test to be able to go home in the carseat you have for him/her. Baby has to sit in the carseat for 90 minutes being monitored. Levi’s oxygen level dropped enough to make him fail. The second time he only have 7 minutes remaining! They said they will try again tonight. He got to come off the biliblanket later in the day today – which felt so great to hold him without this big long cord coming out of his blanket. Since he had to stay again, the hospital let me stay one more night too.

I didn’t see Kendall today, but it sounds like she was happy at Grammie & Papa’s. Grammie sent me this photo of her watching Finding Nemo.

I felt good enough to stretch my photography legs within my room to take some photos of Levi. Later in the day, David & I had our “celebration dinner” that St. Joe’s provides the mom & dad of a new baby including some sparkling grape juice. Dinner over my hospital tray with hospital food was a perfect afternoon with my husband. I didn’t have Dave stay the night tonight, because Levi was so good last night, so the little dinner was a perfect end to the day with Levi soundly sleeping in my room.

xoxo mama

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