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Macomb On-Location Photographer | 01.19.14

Today in our world:

I love our Sundays at home. Daddy has been working one Sunday a month for awhile, so even our Sundays are extra special these days. We are blessed to be loved by so many friends & family that we are always on the go. We try to keep Sundays for just us. This week Kendall has really been into jumping. She was thrilled when Daddy joined in! Levi was his usual sweet self. He’s been averaging 6 hours of straight sleep in the night. Kendall was a much better sleeper than Levi at this age – good thing he’s cute & likes to cuddle more than Kendall ever did! xoxo mama

Modern Michigan Family Photographer 0256 Macomb On Location Photographer | 01.19.14Modern Michigan Family Photographer 0257 Macomb On Location Photographer | 01.19.14

About the Photographer:

Marie Masse is a Macomb On-Location Photographer that shoots modern documentary, family portraiture based in MichiganWebsite | Facebook

Michigan Family Photographer

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