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Macomb In-Home Baby Photographer | 11.26.13

I had an exclusive session with Mr. Levi today… just love him to pieces. I wish he would slow down growing! Today was his first (half) day in daycare. It was a really hard decision for me to send him with Kendall. At least with Kendall I know she is socializing & having fun. He’s too little to play with the other kids so I didn’t really like the idea of sending him just to be cared for by someone else. At the same time, I can’t keep staying up til 3 a.m. working. He is the biggest cat napper ever & hasn’t napped while Kendall was in daycare, so I wasn’t getting anything accomplished. Both kids will start daycare next week regularly 1 and a 1/2 days per week. I don’t think I could bare sending them any more than that!

I also love watching Kendall go up & down the stairs. She is so careful & holds the spindles with each step. I love when we hold hands & count the steps tooicon smile Macomb In Home Baby Photographer | 11.26.13Other times, she asks to “Monkey up” which means to carry her. xoxo mama

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3F8A3984web Macomb In Home Baby Photographer | 11.26.13

3F8A3999web Macomb In Home Baby Photographer | 11.26.13

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