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Indoor Family Photos Macomb | 10.16.13

Here we go… starting a routine. It was Kendall’s first day back to daycare aka school. She did great when I dropped her off. Getting up at 7 am on Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays will be tough to get used to having Levi wake up every couple of hours (or less!) in the night. I’m ready to be back to work and it’s great for Kendall to get out of the house for some fun instead of being stuck watching me care for Levi all day, every day. The little peanut has been a gassy little guy, which makes me have my hands full most of the time. I love how he has his fingers all stretched out sometimes like in this photo. After school, I gave Kendall a treat for being such a good girl… she loves her suckers. She also loves to put her toes on the table and I remind her daily not to do so. xoxo mama

3F8A2928web Indoor Family Photos Macomb | 10.16.13

3F8A2902web Indoor Family Photos Macomb | 10.16.13

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