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::home sweet home:: february 2013

this is what you see when you walk in the front door. i cannot wait to make this feel a little more inviting. soon we will have dark hardwood floors on most of the main level.

stairsfeb13web ::home sweet home:: february 2013

this will be one of my favorite spaces in the new place! at the top of the stairs, you have the choice to go to the left or right (to the bedrooms) or just hang out in what will be a cozy little reading nook overlooking the back yard. think i should keep the light fixture?

upstairsfeb13web ::home sweet home:: february 2013

both bedrooms are basically the same. we will be staying in one of the upstairs bedrooms until we redecorate the master bedroom on the main level. our room has a bathroom and a walk in. kendall’s room has two giant closets. it was hard to take a shot of her room, because the sun was so bright & the walls are pretty much white. her closets could seriously be bedrooms in and of themselves! she has every girls’ dream closet space! i just wish that the bathroom was accessible for her without having to enter the other bedroom. it’s kind of silly, but when you walk into the other bedroom, immediately to the left is the bathroom. i’m contemplating on making a door just past the bathroom to help with noise later in life of waking whoever is sleeping in that room, but the door would be kind of in a weird place. i’ll try to show what i mean better in later photos before i confuse you more.

upbedroomweb ::home sweet home:: february 2013

this is the view from our bedroom upstairsicon smile ::home sweet home:: february 2013i think that is a corn field – i was told green beans, but it looks like dead corn stalks out there if you ask me!

mywindowviewfeb13web ::home sweet home:: february 2013

when you walk in the front door, our family room is to the right. this is currently our unloading roomicon wink ::home sweet home:: february 2013we plan on making this room the place where we chill out, spend time together, relax, & watch movies while on the couch all day…. can’t wait!

famrmfeb13web ::home sweet home:: february 2013

there is an addition to the left of the camera, which is why there is that weird wall on the left of the photo. i’m hoping we can take it out as i plan on having a long farmhouse table. the kitchen is nothing exciting yet. the knobs & faces of the cabinets don’t all match. but, there is a dish washer!!!!! do you know it has been two years since i’ve had a dishwasher?! this alone makes me super excited to move in!!!

and yes, kendall is on cloud 9 with all the open space right now. through the kitchen is the tiny laundry area & the utility space. we are hoping to get a geothermal system and the furnace & hot water heater can move to the crawl space. the crawl is almost 5 ft ceilings. and through the utility room is dave’s room aka the garage. i have yet to take any photos of this, because the garage door is broken. i’m sure it is on dave’s list of priorities to get fixedicon wink ::home sweet home:: february 2013

diningfeb13web ::home sweet home:: february 2013

the master bedroom. the window faces the front porch. we will have the dark hardwood flooring in here as well.

masterweb ::home sweet home:: february 2013

oh the ensuite. isn’t it great? i think this is the most hideous room in the entire home. can anyone tell me what would possess someone to put aqua carpet around the jacuzzi tub? behind the door is a stand up shower. i really can’t wait to remodel this room!!

ensuitefeb13web ::home sweet home:: february 2013

the great room. this is one of our top favorite things about this house – with the exception of the deep teal window coverings- hello 1990′s! i am a huge fan of natural light & with the build in bench on the back wall, i am in heaven!! i can totally see myself cozied up on the bench & reading a book to kendall while the first is crackling. and yes, there is a bar!! there is even a sink, a space for electronics, & a built in refrigerator!! i think it is all a bit unnecessary when the kitchen is around the corner, but hey, it’s still kind coolicon smile ::home sweet home:: february 2013oh, and you can see the sample of the hardwood we will be putting down!

GreatRmFeb13web ::home sweet home:: february 2013

here i’m standing in front of the built in bench & to the right of the sliding glass door & stairway to the loft (and taking a break from my paint sample party – it is so hard!). i am in love with the big windows & even saw a gorgeous cardinal out those windows on our first morning in the house.

greatrmbarweb ::home sweet home:: february 2013

the built in bench…. oh yeah!!! we want to get a cushion made to fit so it is a little more comfy on the tush.

(did i just say tush?!)greatrmbenchweb ::home sweet home:: february 2013

the loft aka my office space.

loftweb1 ::home sweet home:: february 2013

i think i will have my desk against this wall so i can see outsideicon smile ::home sweet home:: february 2013

loftweb2 ::home sweet home:: february 2013

the very first piece of home decor is for you my canadian friends & family!! i bought this for dave for christmas so he can have a little piece of his heritage in our home.

3F8A8314web ::home sweet home:: february 2013

the deck. cold drinks, bbq, hot summer day, YES PLEASE!

DeckFeb13web ::home sweet home:: february 2013

i am standing in the middle of the yard. our property line ends just before those two big trees at the back. to the left of me is a fire pit. i really want to make a sunflower field way out there. i have read that sunflowers face the sun & follow it throughout the day. it would be like they are waving at the house. i love them – such a happy flower! and just as long as they are in the back of the property so i’m not swarmed by bees (i’m terrified of them).

backyardfeb13web ::home sweet home:: february 2013

and here is a shot of the back of the house. complete with our pool & a basketball hoop!! the small trees to the left of the pool are actually part of a pond & landscaping by the previous owner. there is a pump for it, so maybe we will have a little waterfall & some coy fish next yearicon smile ::home sweet home:: february 2013we will need to learn all about this pond & pool stuff!

backfeb13web ::home sweet home:: february 2013

so, this is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives! it’s been over two years since we’ve owned a home & we cannot wait to make this place our own. we have already come across the woes of a new home (our reverse osmosis filter has a leak, someone ran over our mailbox & the ground is too hard to get it back in, the garage door, etc.), but nothing that could bring us down! we are so happy that i feel like i could burst at any given moment.

i hope you follow along to watch our progress, the ups & downs of homeownership, & see our story unfold. the area is also new to us, so we are looking forward to getting to know the town & the people. what a wonderful way to begin 2013!!

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