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Frozen Fruit Deliciousness ~ Banana Pops

I want my kids to be heathy eaters just like any parent does. But let’s face it, when you throw a bunch of fruit and veggies on your toddler’s plate, it can totally be hit or miss whether that food makes it to their mouth…. unless is looks fun or they helped make it! When I stumbled upon In Sock Monkey Slipper’s blog via Pinterest, I HAD to try this healthy snack out! She wrote that you can use any kind of fruit (strawberries, mangoes, kiwi, etc), but we stuck with bananas this time around.

Round One: The first set we made was used with Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt & some fun sprinkles. You just cut chunks of banana, stick them on a lollipop stick, & spread yogurt over the banana with a spoon. Add some pretty sprinkles & toss them in the freezer for just a couple of hours. This way, they aren’t too hard & it’s more like eating ice cream than a hard, frozen piece of fruit.

You would have thought Kendall was getting a Starbuck’s Cake Pop as excited as she was. I tried to take better photos, but she freaked out that I wouldn’t give it to her fast enough!! She ate the entire thing & licked the lollipop stick clean!

I did find that the yogurt was a little on the runny side, so Greek Yogurt is a little easier to use as it’s thicker.

3F8A6509web 1024x682 Frozen Fruit Deliciousness ~ Banana Pops

Round Two: Yogurt, Chocolate, & Peanut Butter

The most delicious peanut butter fruit dip I have ever had I discovered last summer on The Wannabe Chef’s blog. For mine, I use Vanilla Oikos Greek Yogurt + just a tablespoon or so of confectioner’s sugar + Kraft Extra Creamy Peanut Butter (which is not sold in the U.S. & we stock up on it in Canada. Any PB would work as long as it’s smooth). Mix it all together well & it’s done! Yum.

*As I mentioned in round one, the Greek Yogurt is thicker than Dannon, so it works well for spreading directly on the banana. However, mixed with peanut butter, the combo is too thick. So, we did resort back to Dannon’s Vanilla yogurt when mixing with the peanut butter.

Anyway, if you like a good ol’ fried, peanut butter & banana sammie, this combo is for you. (and I think I’m going to have a fried pb & banana sammie for lunch just thinking about its gooey goodness)

Just cut your banana into chunks, put them on a lollipop stick, & spread the peanut butter fruit dip on the banana. Throw them in the freezer & you’re done.

I wanted Kendall to help, but it wasn’t happening. So I sent her outside with some grapes & the fruit dip- which she was licking the bowl clean….

collage11 1024x821 Frozen Fruit Deliciousness ~ Banana Pops

and spreading it all over mama’s sliding glass door!! oh well, we have a hose & she kept busy for quite awhileicon wink Frozen Fruit Deliciousness ~ Banana Pops

3F8A7890web Frozen Fruit Deliciousness ~ Banana Pops3F8A7919web Frozen Fruit Deliciousness ~ Banana Pops

Yum.Yum. Yum.

As you can see below, I got a little inspired to try various combinations. (Listed Below images)

Again, Kendall couldn’t get enough & I felt great knowing I was putting a healthy snack in her body!

3F8A7966web Frozen Fruit Deliciousness ~ Banana Pops3F8A7990web Frozen Fruit Deliciousness ~ Banana Pops

Combos we tried & LOVED:

Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt + Pretty Sprinkles + Banana (this would be amazing on strawberries or any fruit!!)

Peanut Butter Fruit Dip + Banana (My favorite!! Don’t freeze completely & this will change you life. It’s like dessert!)

Milk Chocolate Snack Pack Pudding + Banana (way quicker than melting chocolate and again… imagine with strawberries! mmm!)

Uh oh – we’re getting a little crazy now….

Milk Chocolate Snack Pack Pudding on one half & Peanut Butter Fruit Dip on the other half + Banana (yea buddy!!)

S’more Inspired: Marshmallow Creme + Milk Chocolate Snack Pack Pudding + Crushed Grahams + Banana

I have so many ideas for combinations with the banana & other fruit – the combinations are endless. The snack is easy to make and on the healthy side. And your kids will LOVE them!!

xox Marie

Stacie - July 16, 2013 - 12:56 pm

Ok, I knew Kendall was the sweetest little thing but now I am calling her my best friend! My girls are going to take a tip for Kendall and make momma some yummy goodness :)

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