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Do you shop at Kroger? Here’s a Favorite Shopping Tip of Mine!

By now, you probably know that Kroger has been adding gas stations to their stores. For the most part, they keep their gas fairly priced in line with area gas stations. Maybe a few cents more, but if you have a Kroger card, you automatically get 3 cents off per gallon. For every $100.00 spent in their grocery store, you earn 10 cents off of your gallon and can accumulate up to $1.00 off up to 35 gallons (so a max savings of $35.00). Not bad considering today’s gas prices & if you do a ton of driving like we do. For the most part, we are a Kroger family. Their groceries can cost more than say… Walmart, but they tend to have decent produce & we try to shop at one place for the sake of time. I shop around for grocery goods- such as cereal, canned goods, etc., but I leave my produce & milk runs to Kroger. It helps get us a couple hundred fuel points, but let me tell you where we really find our savings… GIFT CARDS. My best tip for Kroger shopping: don’t shop at Kroger just for groceries. They have a huge rack of gift cards for a wide variety of stores such as: Home Depot, Kohl’s, Bed, Bath, & Beyond (which can also be used at Buy Buy Baby), Macy’s, Olive Garden, PetSmart,, Target, the Children’s Place, & many many more! A full list can be found HERE. At any time, Kroger gives 2x the fuel points when you purchase gift cards! So, if you know you have a baby/bridal shower, birthday party, etc. coming up – instead of going right to the source – stock up on gift cards at Kroger & save yourself from the growing gas prices! At special times, they even do 4x the fuel points (yep, one $25 gift card of your choice can earn you an automatic 10 cents off of gas)! This past weekend, I bought some books off of, attended a bridal shower registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, & my husband bought a miter saw at Home Depot. We went to Kroger for the gift cards we needed to cover our purchases & earned a quick 800 points! This took the price of gas from $3.75/gallon to $2.95/gallon. With our giant F250 Ford Pick-up (we’re country folk!), that 80 cents in gas is a killer savings. It was like getting my $25 Amazon card for free once we filled up! Thanks for the books, Krogericon smile Do you shop at Kroger? Heres a Favorite Shopping Tip of Mine!

The only thing you have to watch for is that every month your fuel points reset – so if it’s July 30th & you have 700 fuel points – go cash them in! I think similar plans are set up at places like Costco & Sam’s, so make sure to do your homework for where you shop & see what other savings you can find outside of sales ads & coupons. xox Marie3F8A9561web 1024x682 Do you shop at Kroger? Heres a Favorite Shopping Tip of Mine!

Michelle Gannon - July 18, 2013 - 1:32 pm


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