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dear sweet son of mine…

i wanted to write a quite note so that i can remember this feeling.

all day i have felt so hungry! and i keep eating for you. and eating. and running out of things to eat, because i don’t feel like eating anything super healthy (it doesn’t seem to fill me up), but i don’t want to keep eating unhealthy snacks too. i don’t remember your sister making me feel so hungry all of the time. you MUST get your hunger from your dad!

also, as i was sitting here working a little bit ago, there was a body part pushing so hard against my belly that i almost felt like i could really touch you with my hand…. and i got super excited, because i get to meet you in a little more than 2 months! your sister likes to kiss my belly and put her head on my belly and say ‘awww.’ she loves you already – though i’m sure she’s not really aware what’s about to happen in a couple of monthsicon wink dear sweet son of mine...

we live a crazy life in this house – always very busy – full of dreams, action…. but also lots of of love. i hope you like it here – we are thrilled to be adding a little boy to our home! (especially daddy!). see you soon!

xox mama

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