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::captured; daddy:: 02.07.13

3F8A8272web ::captured; daddy:: 02.07.13

today, you & i took nana & grampie out to the new house while daddy was working. later, we all went to sagebrush for dinner!! mmmmm!! we visited uncle doug at the hospital & were happy to see he was awake today. we ended the day with some kisses for daddy!! you and your open mouth kisses are too sweet. xox mama

but after a kissing shot, i told daddy i wanted one of you two looking at the camera. you were on his lap & i said, “kendall…. saaaaaay ‘i’m gonna be a big sister!” (you know, as opposed to, ‘cheeeeese!’)

daddy looked at me.

3F8A8277web ::captured; daddy:: 02.07.13

then he looked at you (and i was laughing, which is why this is blurry)

3F8A8282web ::captured; daddy:: 02.07.13

and then he realized what i just said!!!

mama is just barely pregnant, but i couldn’t wait to share the news! i’m so very happy that you will have a brother or sister later this year. i already taught you how to say sister & absolutely love hearing you repeat “sister.” (as in big sister).

3F8A8286web ::captured; daddy:: 02.07.13

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