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::captured:: 08.13.12

waving 1024x682 ::captured:: 08.13.12

1/125 f/4 3200iso 88mm

this was not our best day. we had a great morning – you ate your morning bottle in bed with me and then fell asleep. i let you sleep while i got up for the day. i assumed i would hear you cry, but you didn’t. you must have been excited to wake up in the big bed. (we have our mattress on the floor right now) you crawled down to play in the room & i didn’t even hear you. i peeked in and there you were behind the door looking in the mirror with my chapstick in your hand. you are too cute. later, we went to the grocery store. you have had a thing for belting out the loudest screams just for the sake of hearing your own voice – which is exactly what you did the entire time in walmart. when we left, you had your leg stuck in the cart & i thought we were going to have to cut the cart, but i figured it out. at the other stores you were quite tired & cried… a lot. the best part of the day was that we discovered you understand how to wave hello and goodbye!!!! i can’t believe in just a few short months you will be communicating with us much more ♥ hugs n kisses, mom

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