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::captured:: 05.06.13

3F8A5678web ::captured:: 05.06.13

so i kind of feel like a bad mama. a bad kitty mama. katie is an indoor kitty, but on occasion, we’ve let her out to roam around the yard (and yes, always lucky she’s never came back in with fleas or ticks). last wednesday she was out all day – loving life. she didn’t want to come back in. when it was time for bed, we didn’t know where she was. i looked a few times in the night, but never saw her. thursday morning i found her on our deck & the screen was scratched up- i knew she had tried to claw her way back in. poor thing was in so much pain! we took her to the vet on saturday & learned she had been in a fight. probably with a raccoon or possum.

and then here you are, your silly kendall self, pinching her. fortunately, katie is feeling much better!

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