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::captured:: 04.09.13

i woke you up about 2 hours before you normally wake up. i was dying to take you down to the beach when the sunlight was warm & dramatic. you were not thrilled to be pulled out of bed…

3F8A0211web ::captured:: 04.09.13

but once we threw on your adorable, little sundress (thanks target!), we headed down to the beach & went for a little walk. you loved waving at grammie (who was up on the balcony), watching the birds, & picking up sea shells. yesterday, you loved the water. today, you didn’t want to go near it. i think it was, because you were still sleepy.

collage 1024x677 ::captured:: 04.09.13

3F8A0300web ::captured:: 04.09.13

i really think we could be beach bums, you & meicon wink ::captured:: 04.09.13xox mama

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