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::captured:: 01.22.13

Collage ::captured:: 01.22.13

morning light.

as i was editing these images, a spider ran across my chest & i just about jumped out of my skin. agh!!

we were fortunate enough again to be able to stay home. yesterday & today were only about 10 degrees at the warmest! we are getting a little bit of cabin fever though & i hope it warms up soon. xox mama

and i couldn’t help myself, i had to post another of you with your kitchen. too stinking cute little chef!

3F8A7291web ::captured:: 01.22.13

ok. mama’s going overboard today…. but it’s just that i’ve been waiting 15 months + 20 pregnant weeks since i found out i was having a baby girl to be able to play with your hair and give you little piggytails!!!!!!!!!!!

3F8A7406web ::captured:: 01.22.13

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