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::captured:: 01.16.13

3F8A3534web ::captured:: 01.16.13

today was sad. you were getting ready to be the little garbage picker that you sometimes are. i took your hand to walk you away from the kitchen trash & you slipped. the laminate floor is sometimes slippery with socks. you fell & your mouth landed on your cup. you cut both the inside & outside of your mouth. when you were screaming, i felt awful. i still do. but, after a few minutes, you seemed to be ok…. especially once i gave you a red popsicle! i’m so sorry i made you slipicon sad ::captured:: 01.16.13later, we took a drive out to howell with daddy to buy a dryer. even though we were in the truck, it was so nice to have some just the 3 of us time! we stopped at sonic for dinnericon smile ::captured:: 01.16.13xox mama

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