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Candid Children’s Photographer | 02.11.14

Today in our world:

I will never forget the screaming. It all started with me saying, “Let me carry you to the truck.” That was all it took to send Kendall over the edge as I picked her up from daycare. She wanted to stampede into the parking lot on her own & I wasn’t having it. She screamed the whole way home, into the house, & continued sobs until I had enough. I took Kendall & her lovey & tossed her into bed. She hadn’t napped & daycare & this is the kind of thing that happens when that girl doesn’t sleep in the afternoon. She was madder than a hornet when I put her in bed & I heard her get out & start roaming her room. Within a half an hour, silence. She finally gave in, on the middle of her floor, using her owl as a pillow. Levi was pretty sleepy when we got home too. He always rubs his face just like this as an indicator of his sleepiness. I am happy to have caught it on camera. xoxo mama

DSC 3001web Candid Childrens Photographer | 02.11.14DSC 2996web Candid Childrens Photographer | 02.11.14


About the Photographer:

Marie Masse is an in-home or on-location photographer that shoots modern documentary, family portraiture based in Michigan. Website | Facebook

Candid Children’s Photographer

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